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"For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple and wrong!"

June 26, 2014

How I almost stopped loving SourceTree

Since my colleague from work showed me SourceTree in which I immediately fell in love with, I used it for every project on Windows. Yes! Windows ;-( SourceTree is not available for Linux. On my ElementaryOS / FreeBSD development machines I either use SmartGit or SmartHg or simply do everything from console.

If you want to find an alternative to SourceTree that is suitable for your needs take a look at this site.

Let’s get back to my story. Everything started when I wanted to move my blog to github pages. I changed my previous user name which was qhunaa to ajoz, so it’s more similar to my name and surname. I’ve added qhunaa to SourceTree so long ago, that I forgot how to change it.

The problem occurred when I wanted to make a first push of my new blog. I saw:

SourceTree uses wrong username

So I have started looking:

  1. I thought “It’s a repository setting”, so I went to:

    Menu > Repository > Repository Settings > Advanced

    Under User Information there was a place for Full name and email. My old user name was there. So I thought the problem will be solved soon. Unfortunately I was wrong.

  2. Maybe the user name is kept directly with repository settings:

    Menu > Repository > Repository Settings > Remotes

    Then I’ve picked my repository and after using edit I could change the user name in Remote details. Unfortunately I was wrong.

  3. It should be in the main app settings:

    Menu > Tools > Options > General

    There is a Default user information field there with the user name. Unfortunately I was wrong.

  4. SourceTree is probably taking those information from GIT / System. From the command line I used:

    git config --global

    And guess what? Unfortunately I was wrong.

As I was using SourceTree on Windows, I was really close to reinstalling it (As it’s the most common fix on Windows for everything) but I have started digging in settings and I have finally found it:

Menu > Tools > Options > Authentication > Default User Names

Changing the user name for fixed my problem.